Misfortunes can be good sometimes. There have been different cases where victims have made a huge profit from their unlucky incident. Some people stage incidents to unbelievable limits to make their insurance claims. For example, Gerald Hardin in South Carolina planned to cut off a friend’s hand to claim a compensation of $670,000 in 2008. In another case, a Canadian cyclist stuck a toothpick up his nose so that it bled and asked his girlfriend to run a car over him to claim $22,000 insurance money. However, in both cases, the insurance companies intelligently found out about the false claims.

Insurance business can make big money for both the insurers and the claimants. Here are the five most expensive payoffs in the recent years.

Hurricane Katrina


Claim: $130 Billion
The collective disasters of the three consecutive hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma in 2005 cost more than $130 billion in damages. Nearly 4,000 people were killed, and the U.S. government was criticized for slow response to the hurricane in New Orleans and other areas. The payout was given for home and business damages, personal injuries and fatalities during the storm.

Volcanic Ash Cloud


Claim: $3.4 billion
A costly volcanic eruption occurred in 2010 in Iceland. Nobody was injured, but it will cost Europe $3.4 billion. The massive ash cloud was released due to the volcanic eruption as it drifted south the Atlantic and continental Europe. The eruption caused many flights to be canceled, and millions of passengers were left stranded for weeks. It also created a no-fly zone over a wide area of Europe which affected many international airlines that are based in Asia and the U.S.

Three teenage crash victims


Claim: $37 million
In London, a 17-year-old student named Agnes Collier was left paralyzed due to a head-on collision with another vehicle in an accident. Her mother was killed in the accident. She received $11.5 million as a lump sum payment and $11.5 million. She will also receive the annual fund to cover her medical costs. In a lifetime, she will get $37 million. Collier is now better as some of her motor functions have returned to her arms. She did very good in her A-level exams and will probably get into Oxford University or Cambridge University.

Slip and Fall


Claim: $7.75 million
It is common to slip and fall on the ice during winter months. In 2012, a person in Virginia broke many leg bones when he left his apartment and slipped on ice in the driveway. Later, he had serious complications due to the injury. It even risked having his lower leg to cut off. But the treatment got even more complicated as the victim had diabetes. The claim was high because it was reported the homeowner never removed fallen snow from the driveway. The homeowner also didn’t treat the icy areas with sand or salt even though it’s law.

Mr. Bean’s car


Claim: $1.5 million
Rowan Atkinson, famous for his character Mr. Bean, recorded the largest car insurance claim in the history of UK. He only suffered a minor shoulder injury as his McLaren car crashed. The car hit an icy patch of a way in England. Atkinson bought this car in 1997 for $1.05 million. The insurance premium for Atkinson must have gone high now.

Looking at these huge claims, you must be thinking of getting insurance for your home or car right now. Having insurance is a smart idea to be prepared for accidents and natural disasters.

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